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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda
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chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

chakra art by Zelda

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learn more about The Two Magicians at the publisher website
THE TWO MAGICIANS, from nowhere to forever
fantasy fiction by Zelda Leah Gatuskin, 2017, Amador Publishers
ISBN 978-0-938513-59-9, Trade paper, 430 pp., $24.95
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All of the links above will take you to the official blurbs and excerpts for this title, so I'll use this space to share a more personal perspective:

I had been planning a sequel to The Time Dancer from the beginning, and even had a sense of the story that would unfold in the second book. Feedback from readers of The Time Dancer also helped shape this tale: One gentleman was unhappy with me for the sorry fate of Malcom the Master Seer... But was it really the end of Malcom? As we learn in The Two Magicians, "a Master Seer does not give up the ghost so easily." Then, I had a generally positive review in a little publication called Middle East Dancer Magazine. True to their speciality, they faulted me for not including enough dance in The Time Dancer. The magic is in the dance, after all. I made sure there would be plenty of both in The Two Magicians. Let's see, what else? Well, there was a Ren Faire where I had gotten a table to promote The Time Dancer but mainly I was trading with the other vendors. The colorful crowd was much like Robyn and the patrons of her metaphysical shop, The Lost Unicorn, which plays a significant role in both books. I traded a book for a palm reading. The earnest, cassocked fellow told me that everything in the book I had written was true and had happened to me in a past life. Or maybe was about to happen...